"Creativity involves
breaking out of established
patterns to look at things
in a different way"
- Edward de Bono
Ideation workshop?
We go deeper,
We see further
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Company overview

We are an innovation and transformation consulting firm specialising in financial services, leveraging human-centred design thinking to drive impactful change. We are committed to creating value for the Customers, Channel, and Companies.

We work with organisations seeking expansion, impact, and agility to design the next generation of financial products, service, and distribution models.

Inspired by Edward De Bono’ s ‘Six Thinking hats’ and IDEO’s take on design thinking, we help our clients move out of habitual thinking style. We help them look at things from several different perspectives and get a more rounded view of their situation; whether financial planning for individuals or business challenges for financial companies and distributors.

People we are building the solution for, are at the centre of everything we do.


Your Thinking Hats helps organisations transform the way they develop products, service, process and strategy.

Our mission

To help our clients make distinguishing, enduring, and significant improvements in their performance, and protect what matters most.

Core values

Empathy | Integrity | Goal-driven | Value creation | Innovative | Accountability | Commitment


We are optimists, we are curious, we empathize, we experiment and iterate. We strongly believe that the solution is out there and that by keeping focused on the people we are designing the solution for and asking the right questions, we will get there together.

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I worked with Arvind during my 2 years at FPI and he was a tremendous asset to the business. Arvind is an opportunity spotter and combines his excellent creative skills with a completer-finisher mindset. A top-class chap and enhances any team of which he is a member.

Chris Divito
Head of Financial Services Subject Group/Non-Exec Director

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