Business training for Financial advisers

Develop and grow a diverse community of Financial Advisers

New advisers

Using nearly two decades of industry knowledge and experience spanning multiple distribution channels, tools and frameworks and powerful coaching techniques, we empower financial advisers, direct sales force, sales managers, and their teams to lead for better business performance, by keeping clients at the heart of everything.

We offer training to match your needs, whichever stage the financial advisers are at in their career.
Our first step is to have pre-workshop interactions to design a learning experience your team will love by putting the participants in the centre of everything we create, whether you have a direct sales force, tied agents or broker and banking relationships.

help your team develop and grow

Developing New Advisers (DNA)

Give the right help and the right opportunities to your new members.

  • Fast, effective induction to get recruits up and running quickly. Core workshops on products, prospecting and good practice.
  • Ongoing short interactions and more sessions to increase engagement levels to strengthen learning and enable better productivity,
  • The ‘New to the Industry’ workshops for new to the financial services industry or new to your firm. The workshop will familiarize them with industry-specific terminology, concepts, product basics, compliance requirements and financial planning. The intent is to make them comfortable with the language used in the industry. Participants will also receive follow-up material on how products work, why clients would use a product, and items to consider before recommending a product, to use as a reference.

Developing mid-experience Advisers

  • Assessment of current skill level and provide a platform where they can apply their knowledge in a practical setting while allowing us to identify areas for additional development
  • Identify a mentorship team within your organization to provide ongoing support to help them become ingrained in your culture, grow professionally, and grow their client networks
  • Provide access to external mentors and experts to enhance professional development.
  • Segmenting the clients and developing appropriate contact strategies

Workshops for seasoned advisers:

  • Masterclass workshops to take their career – or business – to the next level
  • How to create an effective marketing plan for the business
  • Provide automation tools to balance referral activities, customer follow-ups and administrative tasks effectively
  • Leadership workshops to enhance mentoring skills
  • Targeting specific niche markets
  • Next level wealth management workshops to enable comprehensive financial advice which goes beyond investments


ready to get started? Call us for Pre-workshop interactions to design workshops your team will love!